PIER Company - leading engineering & construction company


Pier is one of the most preferred EPC Contractors in Central Asia

Pier Construction Trade, Inc. has been established to construct various superstructure, infrastructure, industrial and residential building projects in our home country Iran and abroad. The first international office was established in Dubai , in the United Arab Emirates and And in the city of Istanbul,in Turkey
Pier Construction Trade, Inc. is now increasing its competitive strength in both national and international markets with its modern management concept, experienced and well qualified human resources.
As today’s world of construction is heading towards a more competitive direction, cost, time and quality of construction are more significant than ever.
Therefore, to be well qualified and to have a long lasting vision, Pier Construction Trade, Inc. has improved its system, organizational structure, made more utilization of IT technology and modern management techniques.
Pier Construction Trade, Inc. has established long lasting relationships with its clients and suppliers based on professionalism and mutual trust.