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Marine Field Operations 

PIER Construction offers a wide range of marine field operations as;

A-Jacket and platform module transportation on barge.

B-Pile transportation, lifting & hammering.

C-Hook-up operations by floating crane vessels.

D-Crew, fresh water, fuel, provision supply services.

E-Waste transportation and reception facility.

F-Installation of jackets, platform decks and modules.

G-Tug and salvage services to own equipment and projects.

H-Structure demolition of un-used platforms.


Marine Constructions

Water breaks construction, pier construction, and shipyard, dredging works, subsea oil and gas developments works, submarine pipeline installations.

Offshore Constructions

PIER Marine performs installation of offshore structures and facilities in field of different type of oil and gas platforms. Platform jackets and fabricated modules are loaded-out

Onto barges, towed by own fleet, hooked-up and lowered / installed by own heavy lift floating crane vessels.