PIER Company - leading engineering & construction company


With a history of more than half a century, we are the pier family

Embracing a tradition of success, our team has completed over 74 projects all around the world since the day it was founded, in the spirit of a relay race. Today, the honor and responsibility of carrying the baton is ours.

Pier Construction’s main duty has always been creating reliable and competitive engineering solutions for its clients. With the support of the experienced management organization combined of accomplished professionals, Pier Construction has all the components; management systems, technology, key personnel and financial strength to become a leading engineering and construction service provider in Iran  Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan , Turkey, Russia,  UAE and Belarus.


Pier Construction serves its clients with commitment and dedication to successfully deliver the projects while keeping in mind the responsibility of sustainable development as a citizen. Our vision is to be known as a professional partner that provides engineering, construction and project management solutions in the markets we operate.

Pier Construction management is excited about the business opportunities that exist in recent markets and sure to chase its business acquisition and fulfillment plans. We are glad to see our management system with a consistent focus on improving human capital, which is required to meet the current and future business demands developing as planned.

It is time for our valued customers to decide, how far Pier Construction has succeeded in meeting or exceeding their expectations. Our understanding from continuing project awards from our clients, we have successfully accomplished our goal. Our new goal is to perfect the standards and quality we are carrying out at the moment.

Since we are able to support our clients in all regions we operate, we can continually monitor our performance to ensure that we are meeting our customer’s requirements, and with this in mind, provide our clients with custom-made solutions. Our top priority is our client’s satisfaction; this motivates our daily and future business activities.

Hadi mobarez

Chairman & CEO