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PIER in Brief

Pier International Company; with over half a century of experience; is proud to be active in several major projects including construction of commercial buildings, mass housing, dams, power stations, docks, water treatment plants, tunnels, airports, railways, highways, transmission networks as well as oil, gas and petrochemical projects. In this case, we are considered as a member of great family of the construction industry is the Iran. This company is ready to provide technical and engineering services in the form of new executive methods such as supply engineering projects; engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC); and also engineering, procurement, construction and funds (EPCF) with the support of executive experience and numerous achievements and modern planning for the use of new technologies and establish a new structure.
The company; with a successful track records; has attracted employers’ trust at home and abroad and therefore, most of the infrastructure projects in Iran and Turkey have been assigned to this company or our partners.
As one of Iran's leading EPC and D&B contractor, Pier provides services in Project Development, Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Financing, Investment & Utilities Operation and Maintenance operation. Over the past 40 years we have developed the capability of carrying out complex, multi discipline projects for the core sectors of the Oil, Gas & Industry, Housing & Buildings, Railway Transportation Systems, Water & Wastewater and Civil.

PIER with half century experience in heavy construction, mass construction, Dam construction, Power house, Jetty, Refinery, Tunnel, Airport, Railway, Highway and transmission network, has the honor to inform you that, is one of the pioneer companies in construction industry in ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN.
In implementing new methods such as plan and implement projects (EPC), plan and implementation and monitoring (EPCC) and other related fields to town construction, High-rise towers, Commercial and residential complexes tunnel, Road, Bridge, Underground, High ways, Great bridge and civil works such as construction of sand and concrete dams, High-rise towers, Heavy concrete fountain, Irrigation-drainage networks,making harbor, off shore structures.
With backing references and multiple successes and modern planning for the use of modern technologies and the establishment of a new structure, engaged in engineering and technical services in IRAN and neighboring countries.
The company is relying on the collective wisdom of engineering, from their successful track records and applying new techniques,play a significant role in joint ventures with Iranian and international companies in carrying out national project sin the country of Islamic Republic of IRAN or international projects in other countries.

As a company expanding its investments in various global regions, Pier has also been attaching profound importance to education and social responsibility. The Pier Educational Foundation has provided more than 6,000 students non-refundable scholarships and implemented various projects in the field of social responsibility since 2009, when it was established.
Pier has developed various strategies towards protection of environment and human health and its many projects have acquired the right to obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Pier construction company cacting under awareness of the ethics principles and corporate values it has adopted, its sensitivity against the environment and human health, sustainability and social responsibility, is competing with itself by the leading and innovative projects it has realized, its leadership in the international lists, the customer satisfaction it has ensured and by the significance it attributes to “continuous development”.