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pier Family

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Knowing that the corporate success could be achieved by selecting the “Right Person for the Right Job,” as an employer, Pier  Holding is aware of the fact that this principle is critically important in terms of enabling its employees to achieve personal success as well. Pier is of the opinion that its employees could be provided with job satisfaction, motivation and development by  employing  them in the right job in accordance with their education, knowledge, experience and competences and that the assessments that are made in the recruitment process is likely to determine its employees’ success in upcoming periods. As a result, the below-mentioned selection and recruitment process is carefully applied in accordance with principle of the “Right Person for the Right Job



Pier  attaches importance to its employees’ success and career plans as from the recruitment process and conducts following activities respectively for its employees’ career development;



Pier  is aware of the fact that success could be sustained by adopting the principle of “sustainable development,” and  thus  organizing  below-mentioned  training  and  development  programs that  are  suitable for its employees’ personal and professional  development  needs.

General Training Programs:

General  training programs are determined on a yearly basis and aimed at developing knowledge, skills and competencies through their implementation in accordance with Pier employees’ development needs.

Special Training Programs:

Special training programs are provided in order to develop functional and strategic knowledge, skills and competences of participant groups which are chosen to add value in accordance with Pier vision and strategies.

Management Trainee Programs:

Management trainee programs are implemented with regard to appointing the right persons to management positions and supporting them in order to improve  Pier s  sustainable success. In these programs, which are realized within the context of the “Competence Management  System,” a “Pool of Competencies” is established to consist of employees delivering an outstanding performance and the candidates are prepared for senior positions through the “Development Center.” The employees’ strengths, limits and areas of development are determined through certain tests and case studies and the competences that are expected to be ensured are evaluated in line with human resources principles such as reliability, honesty and team spirit through the “Competence Model.” As a result of all these applications, the competence of employees attending the “Manager Recruitment  Program” is developed through such methods as training programs and coaching, and thus these employees are trained to become managers of the future